Very weird shoes

I didn't know how creative people can get with shoes! These are amazing, an also kind of weird! lol

thats an awesome shoe! i want it in my room!! lol

that is a very high shoe! (in both ways!!)

Those look very uncomfortable

its all like metal and roboty!

Shoe pants!! :D

you could kill with these.... O.o

uh....no comment....

thats so wack!!

aaaa! scary spider shoe!

those are like the highest heels i've ever seen!!

those are like really really weird...and yet so pretty :)


Weird Speakers

 Toilet roll speakers...Thats very interesting.


 High Heels Shoe Speakers. haha

Retro phone speakers lol


Fruit pillow Speakers

Dice Speakers. i like the green one :D

This one is my favorite!!


Interesting Jewelry

Moose poop earrings! I dont think i would want that on my ears...

                                                                                  High Tech Geek bracelet! lol

ew! a bracelet made out of someones hair and ashes! i guess its nice...but a little weird...

Grass ring. Now THATS cool!!

Food inspired necklace. that looks really big and heavy!

Doll Jewelry. Jewelry made out of doll parts..


Coolest Hairstyles!

That is one BIG Mohawk!!

The guy from Tokyo Hotel's hair is soo weird i think.

animal hair....interesting.

i dont get how they put her hair up like this

SANGIA!! (or however you spell his name)
From American Idol!

that is the coolest hair i have ever seen!

awesome hobo hair!!! :D


Cool Looking Guitars

This is a very weird looking guitar. its shaped like The United States of America!

You all know Betty Boop right? Now she is a guitar!

This is probably the weirdest guitar I've ever seen. Its a Big Foot guitar!

This is probably one of my favorites. A FLUFFY GUITAR!

A guitar made entirely out of legos!

 that is one long gutiar!

See Through. Ooooh.

A 42 stringed acoustic guitar! Thats CRAZY!!

Skeleton guitar! I wonder how you could play that?

Cool Looking Chairs

Lip Chair

Cd Chair

 Awesome Looking Chair!!!

                                                           This is a cool looking chair!!

A chair made out of Forks and Spoons!!

Stuffed animal Panda chair!

People Chair

Box chair. (i want it!!)